Johnson’s heroics, Marsh’s pair bolt Marksmen to sixth straight

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – With nearly 3,000 youth sports teams, athletes, coaches, and fans in the building for the Marksmen inaugural Youth Sports Jamboree, the Marksmen would show off what it would take to play with the big boys, as they would enter another battle with the Evansville Thunderbolts. Following a 7-5 victory the night prior, it would take an extra serving of hockey to take this one home.

A solid battle to start the first period would see scoring come a bit later than the night before, but when the cork was finally popped from the game’s bottle, we would once again see a multi-scoring period from the home team. Shane Bednard, for the first time this season, would earn goals in consecutive games as he’d be the catalyst on the scoresheet for Fayetteville. The excitement would continue for the fans in the Crown Coliseum as Josh Victor would finally give the fans the fight they’d been waiting for, sparring with the Thunderbolts’ Noah Corson. 31 seconds following the fight, the momentum would swing in the direction of the Thunderbolts, as Jacob Smith would score his first of two goals with just under six minutes to go in the period. It would be the Marksmen and Alec Marsh who would have the frame’s final laugh, as Marsh would score on the power play to give Fayetteville a 2-1 advantage heading to the break.

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