Bulls Shutout Marksmen for First Time this Season, 5-0

PELHAM, AL – Needing a spark to keep position late in the season, that Marksmen went into Birmingham with a plan. Fayetteville needed to win to still be in contention for fourth place, meaning they wouldn’t be in the pool for the challenger round. The game started off quick, but not in favor of the Marksmen.

Birmingham came down the ice and only 44 seconds into the game, they scored the opening goal of the game. After the flurry in the opening minute of the game, the scoring and offense slowed down. Fayetteville was able to string a few shots together, but failed to find the net. The woes in scoring went for the Bulls too as they failed to find the net after their opening minute goal. Penalties stayed low, as only three penalties happened in the opening period. Exactly 13 minutes after their first goal, Birmingham struck again. They scored their second goal of the game, giving the Bulls a 2-0 lead. The period ended without anything else important happening, sending the teams to intermission, Birmingham leading 2-0.

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