SPHL and HockeyTech expand technology partnership

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (June 16, 2020) – The Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) and HockeyTech today announced the expansion of their multi-year technology partnership. In addition to the recent announcement to broadcast all SPHL games on HockeyTV through the SPHL TV network, the league will now use HockeyTech’s LeagueStat services to score games, compile and maintain statistics, and power the league’s website and mobile app.

The new league website is live at thesphl.com and provides new features for fans to better engage with the league and teams. The new SPHL mobile app is due to launch soon. Both the website and mobile app are tightly integrated with live game data and video, along with enhanced league, team and player statistics. These integrated HockeyTech technologies will provide SPHL fans with a more interactive experience to keep up with their favorite teams.

“We are excited to bring the SPHL onto our technology platforms”, said HockeyTech CEO Stu Siegel. “SPHL fans will be the real winners, as they learn to understand what our motto Digitally Powering HockeyTM truly means.”

HockeyTech’s LeagueStat services digitally power nearly all elite hockey leagues in North America, including the AHL, ECHL, SPHL, CHL, USHL, and over 20 others.

“Following the February announcement of our new SPHL TV broadcast partnership with HockeyTech, I think our fans will be even more excited about the new SPHL website and statistics platform,” said SPHL Commissioner Doug Price. “With HockeyTech serving as our broadcast and statistical provider, fans will have the ability to access real-time statistics that are fully integrated within the SPHL TV platform.”

About HockeyTech HockeyTech (hockeytech.com) is the worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics, and information services. HockeyTech was founded in 2012 by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur, and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO. HockeyTech has made six company acquisitions to date, integrating, and developing one-of-a-kind hockey-focused tools. HockeyTech’s brands have been Digitally Powering HockeyTM since 1998.

About Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) The Southern Professional Hockey League is comprised of 10 member teams located throughout the southeastern and midwestern United States. Headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina, the mission of the SPHL is to provide a quality family-friendly entertainment product structured inside an economic model that is viable for small and mid-size markets and arenas. For more information about the SPHL, visit the league’s website at www.thesphl.com.