McCloy, Marksmen give lesson in comebacks, win 4-3

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Despite fear of snow in surrounding communities, the Marksmen were able to keep hot against Macon, supplying their own flurry of goals in the third to find a 7-0 record against the Mayhem. Even with multiple counties unable to send their schools due to cancellations, the thousands of students in the Crown supplied all the early-morning energy the team would need for the win.

In a perfectly bookend performance, Taylor McCloy would start the game the same way he would intend to finish it; scoring. A mere 2:37 into the chorus of screams from the K-8 students, McCloy would net goal number 15 on the season, and start the day off right for the Marksmen. With just under a minute left in the opening frame, the Mayhem would match the score from Josh Cousineau, and end the period at 1-1.

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